mardi 10 avril 2012

International Centre Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

Who are we? What do we do?
ICAACT Is an Independent Non Profit Human rights Organization. We work together with a
number of NGO Organizations, Civil Rights Movements and Human Rights groups.
ICAACT was setup to obtain evidence of Serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic
Terrorism worldwide. We aim to provide evidence to the individual victim, as well as for all
victims of these crimes. We use specific testing equipment, to ensure that the data that is
collected worldwide, is conformed and compatible in order for the results to be admissible in
both national and international, court systems on a later date. Along with the testing we do case
studies, with data obtained through questionnaires.
ICAACT provides RF (radio frequency) scanning Free of charge.
The three phases of the testing
1. Preliminary scan for (RF) radio frequency emission from the Human Body.
2. Obtain medical imaging of the area that has shown emission of RF frequencies.
The aim is to locate possible foreign bodies, UBO's (Unidentified Bright Objects)
3. Final scanning for RF emission is done in a controlled environment. This is a repeat of phase
one in a certified shielded room, also referred to as a faraday cage, to rule out the possibility that
the signal might come from an outside source.
4. Surgery, under video monitoring to obtain, possible physical evidence admissible in domestic
and international Court)
Previous Scanning Sessions by ICAACT
 Chicago, Illinois – US - (December 2011)
 Davis, California- US – (August 2011)
 Santa Clara, California-US(December 2011)
 Berlin, Germany – EU - (December 2011)
 Karlsruhe, Germany – EU - (December 2011)
 Kenosha, Wisconsin – US - (December 2011)
 Hamburg, Germany – EU - (December 2011)
 Eastern Michigan, Michigan – US - (December 2011)
 Stockton, California – US - (January 2012)
 Sacramento, California – US - (January 2012)
 Stockton, California –US –(January 2012)
 Providence, Rhode Island – US - (March 2012)
Upcoming Scanning Sessions by ICAACT 2012
 London, United Kingdom – EU (End of April)
 Munich, Germany – EU (Still in Planning. Hopefully in May)
 Copenhagen, Denmark - EU – (Presumably late spring or summer)

Please Note!
Scanning Sessions that are not listed above, are not conducted by ICAACT.
Currently we are working on setting up, groups and individuals to do scanning around the world.
It is our priority that the teams we set up, will be able to conduct the scanning to the ICAACT
standard, and follow the established ICAACT Protocol to the letter, in order to directly correlate
and compare the data, and ensure that it can be presented in an international court system in the
Scanning by ICAACT is free of charge; however, request for scanning in areas, where we are
not established, might have to provide for transportation, and accommodation for the scanning
team (usually 1 or 2 persons).
For more Information, please go to our website:
Here you can find Contact information, and watch our Video about the 2011 Scanning Tour in
the US and Europe “Domestic Terrorism – Silent Rape”.
Respectfully Jesse Beltran, President

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